Very Dairy — Frequently Asked Questions

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Very Dairy is animal-free dairy. It gives you all the nutritious, delicious goodness that you love about dairy milk, and none of the things you don’t. It’s kinder to people, kinder to cows, and kinder to the planet.

We did it for the love of dairy. We wanted more people to be able to enjoy milk more often. This set us down the path of making dairy easier on the tummy and kinder to the environment, while keeping the nutritious, delicious goodness that we all love. After a lot of hard work and some clever science, we came up with Very Dairy.

Very Dairy is made from Cow Whey Protein, just like traditional milk. Other ingredients areMaltodextrin, canola oil, sucrose, coconut oil, permitted stabilizers and flavouring, calcium potassium phosphate citrate.

It contains milk allergen (same whey protein, made without the cows).

Made in the same facility that also handlestree nuts, wheat (oats), soybeans,and peanuts.

Microflora is the name given to colonies of microscopic organisms. They can be found everywhere you look –inside soil, in the ocean, inside animals, even inside you. They do all sorts of amazing biological things. Without them, animal life wouldn’t be possible. (Thank you, microflora.)

We taught a special kind of microflora how to make whey protein that’s identical to the one made by cows. We feed them vitamins, sugar, and water. They convert these ingredients into whey protein, and everyone is happy.

It’s because they’re so useful that we like to think of microflora as the agricultural animals of tomorrow. Except they’re not animals. Hey, you get what we mean!

All of our ingredients are animal-free, so yes, Very Dairy is vegan friendly.

However, it’s important to understand that Very Dairy is made of real milk protein, so we are not dairy free. If you believe you are allergic to milk protein, please consult your doctor before trying Very Dairy.

Very Dairy uses animal-free dairy protein that produces up to 97% less greenhouse gas emissions, uses up to 99% less water and up to 60% less non-renewable energy compared to regular dairy.

It’s the dairy that you love, with the same delicious and nutritious taste as regular milk, just made without the cows. Our friends at Perfect Day recreate cow whey protein, but they do it without the cow. That means it looks and tastes the same as regular milk, but it’s better for the environment and can be enjoyed by more people.

You bet! Like traditional milk, Very Dairy is high in calcium and protein, so it’s a great source of nutrition for the whole family. It’s also low in sugar and cholesterol free. Even better, because there are no animals involved, it’s antibiotic free and hormone free. Think of Very Dairy as being all upside, no downside.

Not exactly. While we use microflora in the fermentation process, the protein produced is not a plant protein, but a milk protein. This makes Very Dairy milk nutritious and delicious without the cow, or the lactose, or the cholesterol!

Yes! If lactose was preventing you from enjoying lattes and milk smoothies, rejoice! You can now enjoy the creamy, delicious goodness of dairy, without the upset tummy.

Not yet, we’re rolling up our sleeves to get certified. All ingredients are animal-free.

We think it’s best chilled, but hey, it’s up to you!

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