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It all starts with love 1

It all starts with love

We love dairy. From mocha to milk smoothies, from cereal to cheese sauce, there’s nothing like the nutritious and delicious goodness that you get from dairy. And we absolutely love, love, love it.

But sadly, as so many people can relate to, the traditional dairy milk that we all know and love simply doesn’t work for everyone. For too many people, lattes and creamy pasta are off the menu.

We figured that if you really love something, you’ll do anything to make it the best it can possibly be.

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And so, we asked ourselves: what if we could find a way to make dairy accessible to all the people who can’t enjoy a milk smoothie after a workout, a latte at the local café, a slice of French toast with the kids on a weekend morning?

What if we could make dairy kinder for people, kinder for animals, and kinder for the planet?

Or, to keep it simple: what if we could make dairy differently?

What would new dairy look like 1

What would new dairy look like?

Well, like traditional dairy milk, it would still be delicious and satisfying, both on its own, and as part of a drink or meal. And it would be healthy and nutritious for the family, with calcium for strong bones, and protein for strong muscles.

But what if it could also be easier for everyone to enjoy? It would be lactose free, cholesterol free, and low in sugar. That means it would be an option for those with a lactose intolerance, good for your health, and perfect for the whole family.

And most importantly – it would be animal free. That means it would be kinder to animals, kinder to environment, and better for the future.

Ultimately, more people could enjoy flat whites, bechamel sauce, and pancakes – without worry or concern.

If you’re reading this thinking that it’s quite the wish list, you’re not wrong. Fortunately, we had some pretty clever scientific folks on our side. (Yay for science!)

The answer is very 1

The answer is very

It’s dairy that’s made by microflora, not by cows. That means we could make it with all of the things you love, and none of the things you don’t.

It’s lactose free, cholesterol free, and low in sugar, so it’s good for you and your family’s health. It’s a good source of calcium, protein, and nutritious goodness. And there’s no hormones or antibiotics involved, so you have a peace of mind.

But better yet, because it’s animal free, it’s kinder to the planet.

And did we mention, you get all the deliciousness that you love?

So go on, have that mocha at the cafe. Make that milkshake for the kids. Cook that creamy pasta sauce for the family.

With Very Dairy, you can finally enjoy dairy to the fullest and milk more out of life!

Source of protein copy 1

A source of protein

and calcium

Great for healthy bodies of all ages.

Lactose free copy 1



So, it’s kinder on the tummy.

Cholesterol free copy 1

Cholesterol free

and low in sugar*

Your doctor will be over the moon.

Made from a kinder whey copy 1

Made from a kinder

whey protein

It’s made by microflora, not by cows,

so it’s just as nutritious, but kinder

for the environment.

Vegan friendly copy 1



There are no animals involved,

so it works with all sorts

of dietary choices.

Hormone and antibiotic copy 1

Hormone and

Antibiotic free

Rest easy, there are no

hidden nasties.

*Low In Sugar is only applicable for plain flavour