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Very Dairy is a good source of calcium and protein,
lactose free, cholesterol free, and low in sugar.

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Very Kind

It’s milk that you love, with the same
delicious and nutritious goodness,
just made without the cows.

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Because it’s made differently, you are able
to enjoy all the things you love about dairy,
with none of the things you don’t.
So go on, milk more out of life!

Our Products

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A source of protein

and calcium

Great for healthy bodies of all ages.

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So, it’s kinder on the tummy.

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Cholesterol free

and low in sugar*

Your doctor will be over the moon.

Made from a kinder whey copy 1

Made from a kinder

whey protein

It’s made by microflora, not by cows,

so it’s just as nutritious, but kinder

for the environment.

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There are no animals involved,

so it works with all sorts

of dietary choices.

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Hormone and

Antibiotic free

Rest easy, there are no

hidden nasties.

*Low In Sugar is only applicable for plain flavour
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Our Very Story

What if you could enjoy traditional milk with all its nutritious and
delicious goodness, but without the things that worry you?

Very Dairy is made for the love of dairy and with whey protein
similar to a cow’s milk, minus the cows.

It’s very good, very delicious, and very kind to the people,
animals, and the planet.

So go on, milk more out of life with Very Dairy.

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Cow's whey, made our way

How do we make animal-free milk? With the help of microflora, our tiny friends!
We feed them water, vitamins, sugar, and lots of love, which they convert into
milk protein through a natural process of fermentation — the same way you make
yogurt, beer or kombucha.

Basically, the microflora gets a tasty meal, and we get milk protein that’s
identical to the one produced by cows. It’s a win all around!

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We taught our clever friends, the microflora, how to make milk protein.
We feed them
water, vitamins, sugar, and lots of love!

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These microflora start converting their food
into the milk protein
through the natural
process of fermentation the same way
bread, beer or kombucha is made.

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The result? Milk protein that’s identical to what cows produce!

With this, we get to make milk in all its creamy,
delicious and nutritious goodness — but without any cholesterol,
lactose, hormones, or antibiotics.

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